Logistics Planning for your Office Move


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Office and industrial relocations require extra planning, preparations, and logistics services. Often, the relocation of bulky, expensive equipment and sensitive information comes into play and requires additional vendors and coordination. Whether you’re planning a small office move or the relocation of your entire warehouse and manufacturing facility, the team at ADSI Moving Systems is experienced and ready to bring solutions to you. 

Our relocation services include warehouse layout and planning, installation of racking systems, packing and material prep, temporary storage and more. Here’s a quick look at how the process unfolds

Packing Logistics

ADSI Moving Systems is here to help throughout every part of your industrial relocation journey. As a white-glove logistics provider, each of our industrial relocations includes packing and unpacking options at your new location. Once moving day arrives, our team arrives onsite to help you finalize packing and prepare and load your items for transit. Then, once we arrive at your new office space, our crews will unload and assist with unpacking. This includes placing furniture, per your layout and instructions. 

Once the move in is complete, we will haul away all the debris and packing materials and leave you with a “ready-to-work” space. 

IT Relocation Logistics

For many businesses, IT and Electronic equipment represent the bulk of their operational equipment. As you prepare for your office move, our team of experts can help with the relocation of all your electronic equipment from desktop and personal computers all the way to server rooms and telecommunications systems. These services include preparations, packing, transportation, and setup in your new facility. 

Library & Archives logistics

ADSI Moving Systems has developed tactics to streamline the process and ensure that your libraries and archives are handled with care. We also ensure they stay organized and in line with your classification systems throughout the relocation process. Whether you’re relocating books, files, or artifacts, we have a wide variety of logistics services available to get you and your items where you need to go. 

Medical & Laboratory logistics

Augusta is home to a variety of medical facilities, hospitals and laboratories and throughout our 50-year history, ADSI Moving Systems has developed a reputation as the vendor of choice for handling relocations for these specialty facilities. We have extensive experience in relocating your medical and laboratory facilities including inventory management, warehousing, installation and de-installation, space planning, and debris haul away services.

It is important to create a seamless transition from your old workspace to a new one. We can work with your organization to ensure that your high-value assets and state-of-the-art equipment are handled correctly and with care.

Office Move & Logistics Services
IT Relocation
Library & Archives
Medical & Laboratory
Logistics & Warehousing

How to Prepare For Your Office Move

The days and weeks leading up to your office move can be hectic. In addition to maintaining “business as usual” in your office, you’re also trying to pack, plan and prepare to move your team and all their necessary tools and equipment with minimal service interruption or downtime for your clients or customers. Having a plan in place and a roadmap to follow is a huge part of ensuring that your office move goes off without a hitch.

Office Move Checklist

As you prepare for your upcoming office move, use this checklist to ensure that you are taking care of all the items, big and small, that are necessary to get your business back up and running as soon as possible after your move.

One Month Before Your Office Move

  • Complete your office floor plan
  • Schedule service and utility hookups
  • Communicate your day-of moving plan, internally
  • Create change of address plan to notify customers and partners of your move
  • Begin packing and labeling less used items

One Week Before Your Office Move

  • Backup your tech devices
  • Identify points of contact for moving day
  • Pack and label desks and office areas
  • Communicate any expected downtime to your customers and clients
  • Provide a detailed moving plan to your employees outlining their duties.

Read more for the full Office Move Checklist

Office Move Planning Tips

Whether you’re planning for a move or are starting a new chapter in the CSRA, ADSI Moving Systems has unique selections of specialty office relocation and logistics services to assist you throughout the process.

Picking A Good Moving Partner and Checking References

Take time to identify and interview a few candidates for managing your relocation. Be sure to ask questions about the services they can provide. Learn about their experience and capabilities, specifically how they compare to your needs. Research them online, read reviews, and check for references.

Preparing For Your Office Move

Prior to opening the doors of your new facility you will want to consider things like:

  • how many days to set aside for your relocation
  • furniture that will move from your old facility to the new one
  • coordinating deliveries of new furniture pieces
  • transferring and relocating files and filing cabinets
  • IT, server, and telephone downtime

When you work with ADSI Moving Systems we are able to help you manage a variety of these processes.  The initial walkthrough of your space is to see what types of equipment will be needed to relocate your items. We do this before scheduling your move and to see how we can best assist you throughout the relocation. Our professional team will be able to provide you with a timeline for your relocation and will work alongside you to coordinate the relocation of all items.

Packing and/or Storing your Items

As you are preparing for the relocation, it’s likely that some employees will begin packing items to relocate themselves.  It is a best practice to clearly communicate what the expectations are of employees and staff throughout the office move. Our team will be on hand during the day(s) of the office move to help pack items to be relocated.

On Moving Day

On relocation day ADSI Moving Systems will be “all-hands-on-deck”.  Our full-time, uniformed, and trained crews will be on time and ready to pack items, disassemble furniture, wrap and protect, and begin the loading process. Once the origin facilities are fully loaded on ADSI trucks, we will head to your new facility.

Read for more information on How To Plan Your Office Move With ADSI Moving Systems.

Logistics & Warehousing

ADSI Moving Systems have been providing logistics services for over 50 years in the Augusta, GA area. By choosing ADSI for your industrial move, the logistics are covered. You will receive experienced management, associates, drivers, and staff, detailed inventory and project management, and much more!

ADSI Moving Systems offers a full range of warehousing and storage services with over 160,000 square feet of space in our facilities in the Augusta, GA area. Our secure facilities are outfitted with storage for a variety of items including household goods, inventory, equipment, and more. With both short and long-term storage rates, we store items from business equipment to inventory and supplies. 

Through our partnership with Augusta Go Mini’s and CoolIt, we are also able to offer on-site storage options and refrigerated cooler storage. 

Learn more about commercial moving services and how to reduce the stress of an office move.

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