With the Augusta metro area growing faster than it has in years many businesses are taking advantage of what some refer to as “cyber charged growth” to open new offices or upgrade their current facilities.  When it comes down to it that often requires the coordination of a lot of moving parts, whether you’re relocating existing employees or are working to open a new business in the Augusta market.  Coordinating an office move or preparing your business to open its doors is serious business and ADSI Moving Systems is here to assist with needs. If you’re planning an office move… you will need to coordinate moving your furniture, IT systems, files, and any other specialty equipment. And if you’re opening a new facility…. you might be at the mercy of permits, inspections, approvals, and potential construction delays as your space is prepared, which means you might also require storage in addition to setting up a new facility.

ADSI has a dedicated, logistics-ready warehouse facility where we can store deliverables for your move before moving day arrives.

Whether you’re planning for a move or are starting a new chapter in the CSRA, ADSI Moving Systems has unique selections of specialty office relocation and logistics services to assist you throughout the process.

Preparing For your Office Move

Prior to opening the doors of your new facility there are preparations that need to take place including creating a timeline and game plan for getting settled into your new space. You will want to consider things like:

  • how many days to set aside for your relocation
  • furniture that will move from your old facility to the new one
  • coordinating deliveries of new furniture pieces
  • transferring and relocating files and filing cabinets
  • IT, server, and telephone downtime
  • floor plans for your new space
  • setting expectations for employees during your relocation
  • coordinating any relocation of specialty equipment and machinery

When you work with ADSI Moving Systems we are able to help you manage a variety of these processes.  We will perform an initial walkthrough of your space before scheduling your move to see what types of equipment will be needed to relocate your items and how we can best assist you throughout the relocation. Our professional team will be able to provide you with a timeline for your relocation and will work alongside you to coordinate the relocation of all items.

In addition to handling the heavy lifting of desks, book cases, filing cabinets, chairs, credenzas, conference tables, and more – we are equipped to help you quickly and easily relocate the office files without having to worry about them getting misplaced or mixed up.

During the initial office relocation meeting ADSI will also be able to identify which items or pieces of equipment might require specialty handling during the relocation so that they arrive safely to your new office facility.


Packing and/or Storing your Items

As you are preparing for the relocation, it’s likely that some employees will begin packing items to relocate themselves.  It is a best practice to clearly communicate what the expectations are of employees and staff throughout the office move. The ADSI team will be on hand during the day or days of the office move to assist packing up items that will be relocated.

If moving a family of four is tough, then moving an entire office facility can be overwhelming.  That being said, ADSI Moving Systems will work methodically and systematically to pack items so that they are organized and easily identifiable when delivered to the new office. Items will be packed and labeled according to office and work areas, and items like computers and computer accessories, power cords, etc. will be bundled together so there is no scrambling for parts and pieces when the packed crates arrive at the new facility.

[caption id="attachment_3517" align="aligncenter" width="700"] ADSI Crew members unload plastic totes during an office move in Augusta, GA.[/caption]

All ADSI office moves utilize plastic rolling crates.  These crates, also known as totes, are sturdier than traditional cardboard boxes and also allow us to move packed items more efficiently. The crates are easily stackable and loaded on custom dollies which allow efficiencies in comparison to using regular cardboard boxes, tape and hand trucks. Plastic totes are also moisture proof, which means even if it rains on the day of your move, your items are still protected from the elements. Plastic crates help to eliminate waste associated with relocating and reduces the amount of labor and materials that will be needed to complete the relocation.

Part of the excitement of moving to a new office is often the redecorating or updating the look of your space, which might mean you are purchasing new furniture and fixtures to join your existing inventory.  If this is the plan, you might run into a situation where ordered furniture arrives prior to the move-in date. No problem!  ADSI Moving Systems has logistics-ready warehouse space which can receive and store furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) before the scheduled relocation date.  Prior to the office move ADSI can load, deliver, and install the new FF&E to floor plan and coordinated specs.


On Moving Day

On relocation day ADSI Moving Systems will be “all-hands-on-deck”.  Our full-time, uniformed, and trained crews will be on time and ready to pack items, disassemble furniture, wrap and protect, and begin the loading process.  Once the origin facilities are fully loaded on ADSI trucks, we will head to your new facility.

Upon arrival at destination ADSI will unload and start the process of setting up office spaces and furniture.  This might include assembling cubicles, tables, desks, work benches, and more. Once these items are together and in place we will deliver the labeled crates – sorting and placing to the appropriate work areas and offices for unpacking.  ADSI can also assist the file unloading and organization, and set up work stations by running power cords and connecting  computer accessories so that when your employees return to work they are ready to hit the ground running.

Based on the size of your relocation, this entire process might take place in one day or over a period of a few days, but know that the team at ADSI Moving Systems is by your side every step of the way.  Our goal is to ensure that your office move goes as smoothly as possibly.


What our customers have to say:

As mentioned above, the Augusta area is experiencing exponential growth, which means ADSI Moving Systems has opportunities to serve local businesses that are expanding in and around the Augusta area.  Most recently ADSI worked with GMC (Goodwyn Mills and Cawood, Inc.), an engineering and architecture firm, to help them relocate into their new space at Enterprise Mill, as well as assisting with storage and construction of new furniture, which was stored in our logistics facility prior to moving day.

Here is what Mr. Titus had to say about the experience with the ADSI team:

Planning to relocate or expand your office facility in 2018? Contact ADSI Moving Systems today to schedule a preliminary meeting to discuss your project with our relocation experts. ADSI looks forward to the opportunity to service your relocation needs!!