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Whether you are relocating your entire building or single office space, ADSI Moving Systems has the experience needed to help with your office and industrial equipment move by creating fewer headaches and less downtime. We have been providing office and industrial move services to the Augusta area for over 50 years. ADSI Moving Systems has established a reputation for creating customer focused, quality driven solutions for even the most unique projects.

Our team is focused on delivering solutions built to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. We are equipped to handle the relocation of a variety of office and industrial equipment, furniture, file storage areas, and more.

Office Relocations

Expert Logistics Services

As you prepare to relocate your business or practice ADSI is with you every step of the way. Our relocation consultants will help you create a plan for your relocation and will work alongside you to ensure your project stays on track.

Prior to your office move, we will meet with you to do walkthroughs of your existing and new spaces, note access points, make notes about any specialty equipment needs for moving day, and help you prepare a layout for your new space.

Once moving day arrives, our team arrives onsite to help you finalize packing and prepare and load your items for transit. Once we arrive at your new office space, our crews will unload and assist with unpacking. This includes placing furniture, per your layout and instructions.

Once the unloading and unpacking are complete, we will haul away debris from your relocation so that your new space is clean and ready for business as usual.

An image of a industrial warehouse used for storing and relocating services.

Our Office & Industrial Move Process

With over 50 years of relocation experience, the team at ADSI Moving Systems is equipped to plan, supervise and manage your office and industrial relocation from start to finished. Our commercial relocation experts have experience planning and executing commercial relocations for many of Augusta, GA’s top businesses, hospitals, government offices, and beyond. Here’s a look at how the process unfolds.

Commercial Move Planning

Ahead of any office and industrial relocation, our move coordinators meet with you to discuss specifics, identify needs, and collect any details needed to provide an accurate estimate and timeline for your move.

Office and Industrial Relocation Scheduling

When you’re ready to book, we work with you and our operations team to identify and schedule the appropriate workforce and equipment for your relocation to ensure a seamless transition to your new facility.

Preparing for Your Relocation

As moving day draws closer, our move coordinators are in touch with you to answer any questions and ensure that you and your organization have all items you need to prepare, including any necessary supplies for packing and organizing items ahead.

office move
Moving Day

When moving day arrives, a team of trained, uniformed, and insured professionals from ADSI will arrive to help pack and load your items and ensure they are ready for transport. Once everything is loaded, we transport the items to your new facility and begin the process of unloading.

Disassembly and Assembly Services

Many of our office moves require assembly and disassembly services for furniture, equipment and more. We provide office movers skilled at assembly and disassembly of cubicles and modular furniture systems, racking and storage systems, and more.

Debris Cleanup and Removal

As a final step, ADSI provides debris removal and clean up at the completion of your move to remove any boxes, packing materials, and move-related items from your facility. 

Relocation Resources

Office and industrial relocations require extra planning, preparations, and logistics services. Whether you’re planning a small office move or the relocation of your entire warehouse and manufacturing facility, the team at ADSI Moving Systems is experienced and ready to bring solutions to you.


Use this checklist to ensure that you are taking care of all the items, big and small, to get your business back up and running as soon as possible after your move.


Use this checklist to ensure that you are taking care of all the items, big and small, to get your business back up and running as soon as possible after your move.

Additional Commercial Relocation Resources

Warehouse & Industrial Relocation Services

Moving warehouses and industrial facilities require coordinating the relocation of goods, equipment, and other high-value assets. The team at ADSI Moving Systems has extensive experience helping our customers complete these multifaceted relocations and can assist with a variety of items including:

Warehouse Layout & Planning
Specialized Rigging
Racking Systems
Packing & Material Prep
Specialized Transportation
Vendor Management
Temporary Storage
Systems Administration


  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY


Whether your organization is relocating, remodeling and reconfiguring, or transitioning to a right-sized workspace, managing these changes on top of day-to-day operations can be complicated, stressful and expensive.

Our white-glove office moving services, combined with a robust suite of specialized commercial moving and storage options, simplifies the move process, so that you can bundle solutions with a single commercial move partner for more flexibility and convenience throughout the process.

Is your office on the move? We’ve helped relocation businesses like

  • Corporate offices and small businesses
  • Healthcare facilities and medical practices
  • Universities and academic centers
  • Restaurant and hospitality groups
  • Libraries and archives
  • Government offices and military facilities
  • Local and regional non-profit offices and facilities
Logistics Warehouse 2


We understand the complexity and attention to detail required to relocate warehouse and industrial facilities because we have been doing it since 1967. From storage and archives to specialized equipment and machinery relocations, the team at ADSI Moving Systems is focused on creating a seamless transition between your two facilities.


We’ve developed a process to ensure that your products, equipment and fixtures are disassembled, transported and reassembled with precision to help you minimize downtime and keep your storage and inventory organization intact. Our team is here to help with: 

  • Warehouse layout planning
  • Warehouse relocation planning and oversight
  • Disassembly and reassembly of racking systems
  • Parts packing and material preparations
  • Specialized transportation
  • Warehouse management system administration
  • And beyond
Medical & Laboratory Relocations

Trust in our Reputation

Augusta is home to a variety of medical facilities, hospitals and laboratories and throughout our 50-year history, ADSI Moving Systems has developed a reputation as the vendor of choice for handling relocations for these specialty facilities.

We recognize the importance of creating a seamless transition from your old workspace to a new one and work with your organization to ensure that your high-value assets, sensitive equipment, and state-of-the-art equipment are handled correctly and with care.

You can trust ADSI to handle the various aspects of relocating your medical and laboratory facilities including inventory management, warehousing, installation and de-installation, space planning, and debris haul away services.

We have experience moving a variety of specialty facilities including

  • Doctors offices
  • Dental Practices
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Clinics and Hospitals
  • Medical Testing Facilities
  • Radiology and Imaging Equipment
An image of sensitive medical equipment set up after relocation by ADSI Moving Systems.
An image of industrial equipment being relocated.
IT & Equipment Relocations

Everything Electronic

For many businesses, IT and Electronic equipment represent the bulk of their operations. As you prepare for your office move, our team of experts can help with the relocation of all your electronic equipment from desktop and personal computers all the way to server rooms and telecommunications systems.

Our relocation services include preparations, packing, transportation, and setup and installation at your new facilities.

Library & Archives Relocations

Your Data in Good Hands

Moving libraries, archives and filing systems is a big undertaking. ADSI Moving Systems has developed tactics to streamline this process and ensure that your libraries and archives are handled with care and stay organized and in line with your classification systems throughout the relocation process.

Our library and archives relocation services include:

  • Project planning and mapping
  • Asset organization and classification management
  • Uniform library carts for streamlined relocation
  • Protective packing materials
  • Weatherproofing
An image of sensitive office archives being relocated by ADSI Moving Systems.
An image of sensitive media being stored in a climate controlled warehouse.

Climate Controlled & Specialized Storage

Our sister company Augusta Data Storage, offers many specialized business storage solutions. The secure facility is a great option for records that require specialized storage. Storing your electronic media with Augusta Data Storage guarantees protection over your information.

Our state of the art records storage facility provides the ultimate safe haven for your critical data, featuring the following:

  • Climate Controlled Vault that ensures temperatures remain consistent and free from fluctuation in temperature/humidity.
  • Restricted Access that requires registration upon arrival
  • 24/7 security surveillance and monitored alarm systems
  • Automatic backup power generation ensures continuity of power to essential equipment
  • NARA compliant storage facility featuring ESFR fire suppression system, internal and external cameras to monitor activity, and monitored, restricted entry access to our facilities.

Industrial and Commercial Move FAQ

Why should I choose ADSI to manage my office move or industrial relocation?

ADSI Moving Systems is the CSRAs leading provider of commercial and industrial relocation solutions. For over 50 years our team of moving specialists has worked alongside many of the area's top businesses and organizations to help them transition into new commercial spaces. 

Our commitment to quality service is defined by:

Simplicity and efficiency in the planning and execution of your relocation by providing a consistent point of contact to manage and oversee your project and it’s various components. 

Comprehensive Relocation Solutions: As the leader in office and industrial moves in Augusta, our full-service relocation services ensure that every step of your move is customized to the specific needs of your organization, staff, and equipment. 

We prioritize limited disruption throughout your office move, because we know that downtime can cost a company more than just money. We focus on minimizing disruptions during your move and ensuring that your new facility is operable upon move in.

All-in-one support: Office moves inevitably require more than just the relocation of desks, technology, and equipment. We provide all in one support and can help manage the logistics of receiving and storing new furniture and equipment ahead of your move, and our partners at Augusta Data Storage are experts in file relocation and bulk shredding, to help you manage your files and archives during the relocation process

What is a commercial moving company?

A commercial move involves transporting goods for businesses and can often be more complex, than residential relocations, due to the size of facilities, types of equipment, and unique needs of specialized service providers and manufacturers. 

A great office and industrial moving takes these factors into consideration as they assist in office move planning and work to transport furniture, delicate electronics, inventory, supplies while minimizing business interruption.

Do I need a commercial mover for my office move?

Experienced commercial movers have the knowledge, equipment, and resources needed to efficiently and safely transport your business’ belongings to a new location. Benefits of selecting a commercial mover for your office relocation needs include things like: 

  • Commercial move planning
  • Office and industrial relocation scheduling
  • Packing and pre-move assistance
  • Full-service relocation and transportation options
  • Storage support
  • Furniture and equipment assembly and disassembly
  • And more
What is the average cost of an office move?

Office and industrial relocations are calculated based on a variety of factors so it is important to work with a company that has a defined estimating and pre-move planning process in place. 

In many cases, an in-person walk through is needed to determine adequate resources and personnel for each job. Our move coordinators are experienced in providing detailed estimates and relocation timelines so that you know what to expect when moving day arrives and so that you are not surprised by your final invoice.

How do I prepare for a commercial move?

While every company is unique and their needs may differ, a great place to start is with a conversation. Our commercial relocation consultants are experts at helping our clients plan and prepare for commercial moves. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation.

Looking for a quick overview of the process? Check out these planning tips.


One of the biggest benefits of working with professionals for your office move or logistics project is having access to all the tools of the trade. One of our favorite tools, and the one that has many benefits, are the plastic totes utilized for all ETG office moves and logistics projects. These totes are water-proof, stackable, and more durable than standard moving boxes. Here are some of the reasons they are a great added benefit.



MATERIAL: 100% Recycled Plastic

ASSEMBLY: No Assembly Required

TAPE: No Tape Required


Water-Proof •

No debris removal required •

More Efficient, stack 4 per dolly •

Designed for use with its own set-dolly •

Re-useable, Zero-waste packing solution •



MATERIAL: Corrugated Cardboard

ASSEMBLY: Each box must be assembled

TAPE: Taped on top and bottom

DURABILITY: Susceptible to rips, tears, and crushing

• Susceptible to water damage

• Debris removal needed for empty boxes

• Less Efficient, stack 3 per dolly

• Boxes carried individually, less safe to stack

• Disposed or recycled after one use


"This company and team were fantastic to work with! They made it easy. Highly recommend!!"



“The entire process was smooth and easy. I am thankful and blessed to have selected and used this company. ”



“After many military and personal moves this was by far thee best experience my family ever had! Not ONE item was broken or lost! ”