What to Expect When you Book a Full-Service Move


PRE-MOVE SURVEY Prior to estimating the cost of your relocation and getting a date on the calendar, we will do a free pre-move survey. This allows us to get a closer look at how much needs to be moved, what issues our crews might encounter in your space, how much material we need, how long it might take, and a variety of other factors that go into planning your move. This preliminary step can be done with you in your home OR using our new virtual survey tool via your mobile device!


One of the biggest benefits of a full-service relocation is working with a dedicated move coordinator whose job it is to help you navigate through the process. They ensure that all the paperwork gets completed, that your move stays on track and that you have access to a member of our team at any time during your move.


When you book a full-service move, you will be asked to complete an inventory sheet and valuation form. These forms allow us to manage the packing process and ensure nothing is left behind, and also allows us to place a valuation on your shipment for insurance purposes, in the event of loss or damage during your move.


On moving day our crews will arrive and begin the moving process by protecting flooring, door jams and railings throughout your home. They will place coverings on the floor to avoid scuffs and scrapes and will wrap the door jams and railings with pads. The same protective measures will be taken at your new home to ensure your structure and fixtures aren’t damaged during the move.


That’s right, a full-service relocation means we handle all the packing for you! We ask that someone be present on moving day to help advise what items should go and stay and help label the boxes so they end up in the correct places in your new home. Additionally, after the packing is complete, you are able to help do a final sweep of the space checking any cupboards, closets, and storage areas for items that may have been left behind.


For items that cannot be packed into boxes, like large furniture pieces, TVs, monitors, and more, we provide pad wrapping to help protect these items from scratches, tears and staining during the moving process. The items are wrapped in furniture pads and secured to provide an extra layer of protection during transit. For items with glass shelves, we will remove the shelves and wrap them individually so that they are not susceptible to breaking and cracking during the move.


In addition to packing your items, movers from ADSI will also help with disassembly of items like bed frames, tables, shelving, and items that require disassembly for safe transport.


Items that are disassembled for transport will be re-assembled in your new home and larger furniture pieces like cabinets, beds, sofas, etc. will be placed according to your instruction, so it’s a great idea to have a floor plan in mind, or at least know what furniture pieces go to which rooms before arriving to your new home.


When your movers arrive at your house, they will inventory all the items in your home and they will be labeled with a sticker that matches an inventory sheet that is provided to you. As the items come off the truck, you are able to cross-check your inventory to ensure everything arrived to the final destination. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, a full-service relocation helps to alleviate some of the stress of planning and preparing for a move. For over 50 years, ADSI has been providing quality moving and storage services to customers across the CSRA. If you are preparing for an upcoming move, contact us today to see how we can be of service. 706.793.0186.