New Home for the Holidays? Try these tips to get settled!

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If you are celebrating the holidays in your new home this year, it can be really exciting and full of lots of firsts, but it can also make you a little home-sick, especially if you are coming from a home where you spent many holidays in the past. We found a great article from The Allstate Blog with tips on how you can make your new house feel like you’re home for the holidays, after all! Their tips include things like hosting a holiday party or holiday housewarming, sending holiday cards/ moving announcements, decorating strategically, giving budget friendly gifts if your wallet took a hit after moving, and putting safety first as you decorate and start using some of those more winter-heavy home features, like fire places. We think this list is a great start and we have a few suggestions of our own!

  1. Organize your Décor: Use your move as a chance to reorganize all those boxes of holiday décor. You likely have things you won’t use or need in your new home, so the first holiday season is a great time to consolidate and re-think storage. Also, make sure those holiday boxes are clearly marked so you can always find them in the attic or basement when you’re ready to deck the halls!
  2. Safety First: We agree with Allstate, it’s no fun being hurt during the holidays, so we recommend a safety-first approach when it comes to managing and moving those heavy boxes full of all your holiday décor. Make sure you aren’t lifting items alone that are too heavy, and always be sure to lift with your knees, not your back!
  3. Have a Plan of Attack: Ready to deck the halls? It can be stressful figuring out where to put all your existing décor in your new home, so just like moving day, come in with a plan. Take time to layout your spaces and figure out where you want to setup your items and make sure there is ample space. The planning phase is also a great time to figure out if you will need to move or store some of your regular home décor during the holidays. If you’re going all out and need some temporary storage during the holidays, we recommend our partners over at Augusta Go Minis!
  4. Make New Traditions: Since your new home brings a new start, now is a great time to start some new traditions or change things up!
  5. Prepare to host: Allstate mentions hosting a holiday housewarming party, but it’s also worth noting that if you have family coming in from out of town, the holidays might be the first time you’re hosting over-night guests. If you moved close to the holidays, make sure to take the time to setup spaces for your guests so they can feel at home during the holidays as well. Here are some great tips to help you be the holiday host with the most!

Best of luck as you continue to settle and prepare for your first holiday season in your new home, and from all of us at Team ETG, Happy Holidays!

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