Home Organization Tips


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Experts have cited many ways that home organization can help you live a better life. An organized home has been said to aid in relaxation, save time and money, because you aren’t losing items and purchasing duplicates, and can create a sense of calm and nurturing. 

Whether you have just moved into a new home, or you are getting a jump start on your spring cleaning, time spent organizing is time well spent. We’ve rounded up some of the top organizing tips to help you get started. 

Tips for Organizing the Kitchen

  • Pots and Pans: Clean out your cabinets and donate pots and pans you hardly use. Install cabinet organizers for the remainder of your pots and pans. 
  • Eliminate Expired Foods: Toss anything past its expiration date. 
  • Stack Your Pantry Staples: Make better use of your space by storing pantry staples like flour, sugar, and pasta in stackable, airtight containers. 
  • Declutter Your Kitchen Gadgets: Donate appliances and gadgets that you never use and eliminate duplicates.
  • Mugs, Cups, and Water Bottles: We all accumulate promotional mugs and water bottles, but do you use them all? Keep a few for each person and toss or donate the rest. 
  • Island Storage: Create hidden shelving for cookbooks and extra supplies on the end of your island
Kitchen Organization Tips
- Clean out your cabinets
-Eliminate expired foods
-Stack your pantry staples
-Donate unused gadgets
-Create island storage
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Tips for Organizing Closets

  • Introduce New, Consistent Hangers: By hanging all of your clothes on the same slim, grip hangers, your clothes will use less space and keep clothes from falling to the floor. 
  • Closet Systems: Whether your closet is in an entryway or a large walk-in closet,  closet systems will help organize your space!
  • Clear Clutter: Organize items into piles of Love It, Hate It, Like It, and Undecided. Donate everything from the Hate It pile and anything from the undecided pile you are not keeping. 

Tips for Organizing with Kids & Pets

Image Source: Regan Wood Photography via HGTV
  • Mudroom Storage: Keep toys, clothes, and other belongings separated for each of your children with these mudroom cubbies. 
  • Pet Storage: Choose a portable storage cubby that can transform for multifunctional storage. 
  • School Supplies: Storing the abundance of school supplies you’ve accumulated during at-home-learning doesn’t have to be costly. Try these Dollar-Store hacks!

Tips for Organizing a Home Office

Image Source: Braun + Adams via HGTV
  • Secluded Desk: Using a folding desk is a great way to put away your desk space outside of business hours. 
  • Declutter Your Desk: Clearing your desk surface of collectibles, staplers, post-its, and other miscellaneous objects will help with productivity. Store these objects in a drawer or container. 
  • Sort Your Files: Shred the paperwork that you no longer need. Use this list if you are not sure how long to keep important files. After shredding, organize and label files clearly. Color code files in folders by theme (home, tax, work, etc.)

Creating Hidden Storage and Organization

  • Under-Stair Storage: Create drawers in the lower stair steps to use for extra kitchen or living room storage. Another storage option for under your stairs is to create custom cabinetry under the entirety of the stairs. If you only have a small amount of usable space under your stairs, turn it into a nook for your pet!
  • Mounted Ironing Board: A murphy style ironing board creates more unique storage for your laundry room. 
  • Drawer Organizers: Even though the inside of your drawers can’t be seen, keeping your drawers organized will make finding things a breeze. Try drawer organizers in every room whether it’s to organize accessories in a walk-in closet or to organize your writing utensils in your desk. 
  • Storage Ottomans: Using ottomans with hidden storage is a great way to store extra blankets and essentials out of view. 

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