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With surging e-commerce markets witnessing non-stop growth, accessible final mile delivery programs are in demand more than ever. As sizable shipping demands rise it’s crucial that customers have logistic services they can rely on. At ADSI United our customers have come to expect professional accommodation on large-scale commercial projects, with facilities fully equipped for tackling the challenges that final mile delivery presents. But what is final mile delivery, and what are the challenges it faces?

What Is Final Mile Delivery?

The final mile represents the last stage of shipping, the service guaranteeing your order safely arrives at your building. ADSI United boasts transparent inventory tracking programs, letting you know exactly when and what has arrived. This transparency can prove imperative when managing commercial orders and is just one of the many first-rate services we offer to assist our customers. Unfortunately, many still struggle with the arduous final mile delivery.

What Are the Challenges of Final Mile Delivery?

One of the most popular issues facing clients during the final mile is the lack of space required to store their orders before buildings are ready to receive furniture, fixtures, and other items. Often enough plans fall behind schedule, and businesses are left scrambling to find sufficient storage as loose ends get tied. Other times you may not notice certain items arrived damaged, or perhaps they never arrived at all? Even after securing your order, there are still the final steps of installation and clean up before your facility is ready for daily operation. These are just a few concerns you might have about the final mile delivery process, and ADSI United is here to put those concerns to rest.

How Is ADSI Managing the Process?

ADSI ensures high-quality delivery and installation services for local customers by proactively addressing popular final mile complications. We’re able to receive and store items on-site before desired delivery dates, allowing sufficient time to prepare and account for all items ordered. With our inventory tracking program, you’ll know exactly what arrives and when. We inspect deliveries for any damage, offering secure storage for more sensitive items. With our staging area, we can take care of assembly on-site, delivering fully assembled items ready for installation.

Alternatively, we offer full installation and debris hauling services. When delivery day comes, our experienced ADSI professionals provide high-quality delivery and installation of your items from furniture to electrical equipment, office supplies, light fixtures, computers and more. We’ll manage full implementation of your ordered items to ensure you’re up and running with limited downtime. Afterward, our cleanup crew will haul any debris and garbage from your site, leaving your building ready for opening day. 

What Are the Benefits of Using ADSI for Final Mile?

As a local company we have the privilege of offering our clients the peace of mind that’s difficult to ascertain from third-party providers outside of the Augusta area. Our professional level of engagement guarantees a smooth and satisfactory final mile process, building long-lasting relationships with our customers. With facilities large enough to hold and inventory your orders, staging areas for preparing equipment for installation, and full cleanup services, ADSI United will make sure your business is ready for operation right as the final mile ends.

Facility Overview

ADSI boasts over 160,000 square feet of warehouse and storage space with large receiving and loading dock space. Our logistics-ready facilities allow our customers to store their commercial shipments safely and securely until the time of delivery, all while providing the space required to assemble products so they’re ready for installation as soon as they arrive. We inventory every shipment, keeping logs of any missing or damaged goods so you stay ahead of the game.

The Final Mile and You

Despite the numerous roadblocks the final mile faces, customer demand for quick and convenient shipping is only growing. If you’re in the market for a final mile partner that can deliver the satisfactory results you or your business desires, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Find a partner with close proximity that can immediately provide assistance with any issues that may arise.
  • Make sure they’re properly equipped for the job, different items require different tools and methods.
  • See if they provide the correct services necessary for your project (storage, installation, debris haul, etc).

As our market continues to grow, more local businesses are looking for a final mile partner who can facilitate storage, delivery and installation of their items efficiently and with a focus on quality and customer experience. At ADSI Moving Systems, we’re dedicated to providing a customer focused, quality driven experience that limits downtime and removes roadblocks as your business transitions into a new space. If you’re in search of a local logistic partner, contact our team today, we’re here to help!

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.