What to Expect During an Office Move


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  • furniture pieces
  • storage areas
  • specialty equipment
  • facility access
  • access to elevators and lifts

This helps our team get a visual on who and what we will need to complete your relocation. We will also want to visit your new location with you. At that location we can look at the Entry ways and access points, elevators and lifts, and make note of any special requirements for moving day. This will help us develop a plan of attack for your relocation and ensure that we have all the appropriate information and floor plans for your space to provide to our crews on moving day.

    Prior to your move we will drop off some of our blue totes! We love using these for office moves because they are more durable, are water resistant, and are easier to stack and move!   Before we move anything we will prep your facility by adding ramps, removing doors and railings that might obstruct walk ways, and covering floors and door jams to protect them. Next, we will do any final wrapping and prepping of your furniture to ensure it’s safe for transit. Once everything is ready, we get started loading! Our crews will be there to do all the heavy lifting for you! Our team members are trained, uniformed, and insured so you can rest easy knowing you’re in great hands.   Once everything is loaded, we will clean up and get moving to the new office facility.  At your new facility our team will begin unloading your items. If you have done your homework, we will be able to use your floorplans and pre-labeled totes to ensure everything gets to the right office or desk area.   Once everything is unloaded we will help you re-assemble any items that we disassembled before moving, or any new furniture pieces that were stored in our facility prior to your move. At the end of your office move process, we will complete a debris pick up to remove any totes, cardboard, newsprint wrapping, and other packaging items that need to be disposed of.   At ADSI Moving Systems, we work to create a seamless transition for you and your employees, from one office to the next, to help eliminate downtime for your operation. Interested in learning more about our process? Contact us today and let’s get moving, together.

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.