Trend Watch: 2022 United Van Lines Movers Study


Each year United Van Lines publishes their National Movers Study which provides a closer look at some of the key trends that are impacting relocations across the country. Here’s a look at what they found based on data from 2022 moves.

“The study and its accompanying survey, which examines the motivations and influences for Americans’ interstate moves, revealed more Baby Boomers and Gen Xers moved than any other age group last year, as those aged 55 and older accounted for more than 55% of all inbound United Van Lines moves in 2022. Additionally, the survey shows the top motivations for inbound moves include a desire to be closer to family (35%, and continues to be a primary driver post-COVID), a new job/company transfer (33%, which continues to decrease as a driver post-COVID) and retirement (20%).”

Review the full 2022 United Van Lines Movers study for a closer look at the trends.

Moving In

South Carolina and Georgia both fall in the top 10 inbound states for 2022. States that rank high on inbound moves see a larger percentage of residents moving into the state, as opposed to relocating to other states. Of the top ten inbound states, four — Vermont, Oregon, South Dakota and New Mexico — are among the least densely populated states in America, with less than 100 people per square mile. South Dakota and New Mexico are among the top 10.

  1. Vermont 
  2. Oregon 
  3. Rhode Island 
  4. South Carolina 
  5. Delaware 
  6. North Carolina 
  7. Washington, D.C. 
  8. South Dakota 
  9. New Mexico 
  10. Alabama 

Local Relocation Trends for South Carolina and Georgia

South Carolina and Georgia are consistently popular destinations for those relocating to the south and the data continues to support that. Forbes also recently listed South Carolina and Georgia as top states people are moving to currently.

Top Reasons for Moving to South Carolina

Let’s take a closer look at why South Carolina is so popular. In 2022 South Carolina experienced 61% inbound moves and only 39% outbound. What seemed to bring people to the state? Here’s a quick snapshot at a few of the reasons people choose South Carolina:

  • Retirement (38.6%)
  • Family (28.5%)
  • Lifestyle (25.8%)
  • Jobs (20.5%)

Top Reasons for Moving to Georgia

Coming in slightly below South Carolina as a top-10 destination, Georgia experienced 53.7% inbound moves and 36.3% outbound relocations. Here’s a quick snapshot at a few of the top reasons people moved to Georgia in 2022:

  • Job (35.7%)
  • Family (35.1%)
  • Retirement (17.8%)
  • Lifestyle (12.4%)

Key Takeaways

Key factors like retirement, wanting to be closer to family and lifestyle changes influenced by the pandemic along with current housing prices drove moving patterns in 2022,” Michael A. Stoll, economist and professor in the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, said. “The United Van Lines study encompasses data that Americans are now moving from bigger to smaller cities, mostly in the South, some in the West, but even an increase of migration to the Northeast, which has not been typical. We’re also seeing younger Millennials migrating to vibrant, metropolitan economies, like Washington, D.C. and Portland, Oregon.” 

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