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Top Things to be Wary of When Planning Your Move

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  1. Estimating The estimating phase is an important part of selecting your service provider. Estimates should not be done over the phone. They should be done in your home and it shouldn’t be a brief walk through. Your estimator should take the time to walk through your home, discuss items you are, or are not taking, things you might purchase between now and the move, whether you have items in storage and other things that may effect the size of your shipment. It’s better to give too much detail, rather than not enough.
  2. Identity Crisis Make sure you are selecting a reputable service provider. If a company has changed their name several times, is hard to find information on, or can provide you with no references, it might be best to look elsewhere. It is possible they are trying to hide some skeletons in the closet, and you definitely don’t want to run the risk of being part of their next scam.
  3. Money Matters If it seems like a potential service provider is overly focused on the money, chances are they are! Your mover should not ask you for a large upfront deposit and should be transparent about any additional costs you may incur during your move. Make sure all costs and fees are discussed upfront! Also, make sure that you have all your paperwork in order and that you are never signing documents with blank spaces or inaccurate information. Also, be sure to keep signed and completed copies of everything.
  4. Liability and Claims: All movers are required, by law, to give you the “Rights and Responsibilities” pamphlet prior to your move.  It’s also important that you understand the liability, insurance and claims process (including the window of opportunity to file a claim after your move). All this information should be given to you beforehand. If it is not, it might be best to find a service provider who is going to take the time to help you understand all the parts and pieces of your relocation. You can read more about this on our previous blog post!

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we don’t always take time to consider all the options and we are just concerned with crossing the next item off the to-do list, however, hiring a reputable moving company is something you don’t want to rush. The best way to ensure that you are receiving quality service is to look for a Certified Pro-Mover and to do your due diligence prior to hiring a service provider. If you feel that your recent or current move might be a nightmare in the making, take a look into “Move Rescue” a consumer advocacy group created by United VanLines and Mayflower to help protect consumers from moving scams.

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.