Tips For Moving To South Carolina

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With a little touch of everything, South Carolina offers historic districts, beautiful beaches and gorgeous mountain ranges. 

More and more people have found themselves moving to South Carolina over the past few years, especially during COVID. During the peak of the pandemic individuals and families were moving to South Carolina to be closer to family, job relocations and early retirement. According to United Van Lines’ 44th Annual Movers Study, South Carolina was the third most popular state for movers in 2020.

If you are considering moving to South Carolina, we have created a guide to see if this is the place for you.

Why Are People Moving to South Carolina?

A study completed by United Van Lines showed the different reasons people chose to move to SC. Here are the top reasons people move to South Carolina:

  • 38.5% – Retirement Related
  • 26.6% – Job Related
  • 18.1% –  Family Related
  • 17.6% – Lifestyle Related 

Warmer Weather

If you don’t love wearing shorts and a t-shirt from April until October then South Carolina might not be the place for you. But if you do, then you’re in luck! Our warm and sunny weather stays almost year round. That means more time to enjoy outdoor activities like biking, live music, dining, and more. If you love to see each season, you won’t be missing out on that here as South Carolina is a four season state.


The cost of living in South Carolina is lower than most states in the U.S. To be exact, it is 13% cheaper than the national average. That’s a lot of green to be saving to spend on all the activities SC has to offer! 

Slower Pace of Life

South Carolina is a popular spot for retirees. Known for its slower pace and relaxing vibe, and home to several active adult communities and waterfront living options, it’s easy to see why retirees flock to this area of the country. Get ready to take a walk down the beach and sip on a Mai Tai, there’s no rush here.

Southern Hospitality

We’re all about Southern hospitality here in South Carolina. Great people, great food, and great views. Whether you need help finding directions or a new home, you’ll often find that the locals are happy to help. 

Where To Go?

There are so many options when it comes to moving to South Carolina. We’re sharing the scoop on some of South Carolina’s most popular towns. 


Charleston has a lot to offer, including but not limited to, shopping, history, beaches, restaurants, and surfing. Head over to the South Carolina Aquarium or take a ferry ride to Fort Sumter. If you are on a girls trip or romantic getaway, Charleston’s top notch dining scene and sophisticated nightlife gives you something to do all hours of the day. With plenty of local spots to choose from, the fun never stops. 


Tourists love to enjoy Greenville’s beautiful downtown area. From shopping and dining, to festivals, farmers markets, hiking, and more, there’s plenty to do in and around Greenville. The rustic ambiance of this town gives it a homey yet sophisticated feel. Also, downtown Greenville was rated one of the top 10 Downtown areas in the country according to Liveability

Tega Cay

Tega Cay offers a beautiful view of Lake Wylie as well as plenty of gorgeous greenery including golf courses. If you are looking for a sporty area, you will have access to plenty of walking trails, tennis and croquet courts, parks, and facilities. 

Did you think we forgot about those of you who love peace and quiet? Here are some remote spots in South Carolina we think you might like.


If you love the outdoors including golf, equine sports and lots of land then Aiken is the place for you. Check out our local guide including everything Aiken, South Carolina has to offer. 

North Augusta

We might be biased, but North Augusta is a pretty great place to live in South Carolina! With just a quick drive over to Georgia and plenty of other activities, North Augusta offers the charm of a small town living just a short drive from the hustle of Augusta, GA’s growing metro area. Check out our local guide to find out everything we have to offer.

Where Are You Moving From?

We have folks heading to South Carolina from all over the place. Whether you’re making a local or long distance move, ADSI can make that happen. 

Local Move

If you are making a local move to South Carolina, our consultants will provide you with a survey to take inventory of your furniture and household goods for an accurate estimate. Once that has been completed, the fun begins. It’s time to start packing, whether you’re packing yourself or our crew is helping you, make sure to check out some of our resources to help you make the most of your move. Once moving day is here, our crews arrive to load, transport and unload your belongings.

Long Distance Move

Making a long distance move? You are in good hands. Our friendly and professional team will make sure everything is handled for you. When preparing a long distance relocation, you’ll have to manage a lot of moving parts. To help you stay on track, we’ve created a full proof checklist to help you stay on track.

When you’re ready to book your move, our relocation coordinators will be with you every step of the way, from estimate to delivery and beyond!

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