The Benefits of Hiring an Office Mover


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If you are planning an upcoming office move, ADSI moving systems is here to help! ADSI Moving Systems has been providing relocation services for over 50 years in the Augusta area. Our goal is to deliver customer-focused and quality-driven solutions for any project. Our Augusta, GA based relocation consultants are here to help you plan your office move and keep your project on track throughout the entire process. 

We Help You Prepare For Your Office Move

Our expert team at ADSI Moving Systems can streamline the planning process and help your organization prepare for your upcoming office move. Our relocation consultants will help your organization with preparations for your office move and throughout the entire process to ensure your time isn’t diverted from your organization. 

In-person walkthrough

To prepare for moving day, our moving consultants will do an in-person walkthrough. This walkthrough is to make note of the spaces you are moving from and the space you are moving to, access points, any special equipment needed and help to create a layout for your new office space. This walkthrough will make preparing for your office move a breeze and eliminate any major surprised on the day of your move.

Creating Your Office Move Roadmap

Having a roadmap to follow is key when preparing for your office relocation. ADSI Moving Systems provides a moving checklist including tasks for one month before and one week before your move to ensure all tasks required to make your move run smoothly are completed. These checklist items will also ensure that your business can be running smoothly soon after your move is complete and your time isn’t spent planning.

Providing Supplies 

ADSI Moving Systems aims to make your office move as pain-free as possible. A benefit of our professional moving services is access to our waterproof, stackable, and durable moving totes as opposed to traditional moving boxes, along with other necessary supplies needed to pack. These supplies are dropped off ahead of time so that your team can begin packing some items before the day of your office move. 

We can help prepare for your office move with space planing assistance, providing supplies, and creating your office move roadmap.

Internal Preparations For Your Office Move 

ADSI Moving Systems will provide a checklist of items that are typically impacted by an office move to make sure your organization has a plan in place. In addition to this checklist, here are some items that will require internal preparations before your office move is complete.


Once the new location and time frame have been planned for your office move it is important to set an office move budget. Establishing a budget is imperative to set your move up for success and eliminate as many surprises as possible throughout the relocation process. 

Prepare Your Employees

Ensure your employees know what is expected of them during the upcoming move including logistics and planning for the move. Any employees that need to be directly involved in the office move should be given a clear plan and expectations to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Belongings and Services

Complete a walkthrough to ensure all items are accounted for and what items need to be packed and prepared in advance and which items can be left until the day of your move. Make a plan for how your items will be organized either by space or category of documents. 

Plan in advance to ensure that your IT and Telecom systems are easily moved to your new space. This will ensure that the transition from your old office space to your new office space is as smooth and efficient as possible. 

Final Plans

A few final plans to make include: 

  • Obtaining required moving and parking permits
  • Scheduling elevator and lift access at the old and new office buildings
  • Ensuring all boxes, furniture, and equipment are labeled according to the labeling system you established in the planning phase of your move
  • Establishing an internal and external communication plan for moving day

What to Expect on Moving Day

On moving day, our team will come prepared to help finalize packing and organize items to be moved. In your new space, our experienced movers will assist with unpacking and moving items according to your new office layout and remove any debris after unpacking to ensure your new space is clean and ready for business. Our movers are here to help unload and set up everything to eliminate any downtime for your organization, including furniture assembly and placement. 

After Your Move

As your organization gets settled into your new location, don’t forget to update these changes:

  • Complete change of address process through the post office and set up mail forwarding
  • Update address online and in other marketing and informational materials
  • Update building signage
  • Update any registrations and billing information
  • Notify any regular vendors or suppliers of your location change

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.