Storage & Your Move


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Moving to a new location can quickly become an overwhelming journey, and preparation is often the best solution. We’ve put together a cheat-sheet to help you manage your residential storage, and define the best practices leading towards a smooth transition. Preparing your items for transit streamlines the packing process, so keep reading and learn how you can save time and energy during your move.


Areas such as crawl-spaces, attics, basements and the like can be a safety concern for moving crews. Items from these areas should be pulled out and prepared on the main levels prior to your moving date in order to avoid liability claims. Pro-tip: prioritize sorting through these areas first to help lighten the load before packing.


Our moving crew can help you remove and load items from your storage unit, but this additional service request should be communicated beforehand in order to ensure the proper allocation of time and resources. 

Make sure to dispose of any items you don’t plan on including with your move while prioritizing which items should be loaded last for easy access during unloading. Additionally, acquiring these items and adding them to the others yourself can save time and resources during the process. Regardless, any items in self-storage units should be accounted for during the estimation to maximize clarity and efficiency.


If your items are being kept at a professional warehouse, please schedule the delivery of such items through your current storage providers. If your items are being kept by us at ADSI Moving System, arrangements can be made with your move-coordinator to include them in your initial moving plans.


Need short term storage between move-out and move-in day?
ADSI can pack your shipment, store it temporarily and then deliver to your new home when you’re ready to move in. 

Need temporary storage after moving day? 
In addition to short term storage, our partners at Go Minis of Augusta offer on-site container storage for convenient, easy to access storage at your door while you’re getting settled. If you would like to keep the items stored in the container off-site, we can store the container for you until you’re ready to unload it. 

Looking for longterm storage options?
ADSI also offers long term storage solutions at our Augusta, GA facility, which has over 160,000 sq.ft of secure warehouse space.

Your items are precious and should be handled as such, planning for the packing process will ease the strain that moving presents. Accountability and preparation allows our moving team to be quick and precise while keeping you on track with your move. Check out our other articles for more tips, such as organizing and labeling your boxes.

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.