How to Save Money During your Move


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It’s no secret that moving and all the associated activities can really rack up some extra costs. Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring a moving company to assist you along the way, there are many other associated costs that can add to the final tally throughout the process. Our partners at United Van Lines have put together a great list of 10 ways you can find savings throughout the process, from planning ahead to cashing in on your move, here are some great ways to make sure you aren’t leaving any money on the table on moving day.

10 Money-Saving Moving Tips

Plan ahead, timing is everything

Have you thought about when the best time to move is? The “non-peak” season typically runs from October until March. So if your moving date is flexible, shoot for those months. If you can avoid moving during the “peak” times, like summer months, or even the last weekend of the month, you are likely to experience an easier time booking and some potential cost savings. 

When is the “peak” season and why is this? The peak season falls around April and ends in September. Peak season occurs when kids are out of school and parents have summer vacation days ready to use. This makes it easier to move with kids.

Flexible dates are always a plus, as it allows you to maximize your potential for savings and getting your move done. For example, it might be easier to book a move on a Wednesday than on a Saturday. 

Book travel plans in advance

If you are moving long distances and need to make arrangements to stay somewhere or have to purchase plane tickets, give yourself enough time to shop around and find travel discounts to save on hotels or flights, as needed.

Meal plan

Avoid eating out, this can really add up. Try to plan meals that allow you to use the food you already have on hand so you are knocking two jobs out at once. You’re feeding the family and working to clean out the fridge, freezer, and pantry to avoid having to throw away items you aren’t taking with you. 

Not sure what to cook? There are thousands of recipe’s out there that are quick, easy, and healthy.

Collect all your deposits

If you are in an apartment, definitely make sure you follow up and don’t leave this money on the table. If necessary, clean and patch up your apartment to ensure you receive your deposit back. Some things you can do to get your deposit back on your apartment or house that you are renting are:

  • Patch holes in the wall from nails
  • Paint over scratches on your walls
  • Clean your carpet from any stains
  • Clean out your fridge, sink, and oven

You can also check to see if you are eligible to receive any of your utility deposits back. 

Cancel or Sell Memberships

Remember to cancel all your memberships so you are no longer charged for services you cannot use. Also, double check with clubs and organizations to see if they have options to sell memberships, receive partial refunds, or even offer an option to transfer to a location closer to your new home, to help avoid setup or new member fees.

Leave nothing behind

If you have items in for repair or at the dry cleaners, in a safety deposit box, or a locker at a gym, make sure you don’t leave those things behind. You certainly don’t want to incur the cost of replacing those items down the road. If you are someone who likes to triple check your boxes to ensure that nothing gets left behind we have created a moving checklist for you. Be sure to start this list 60 days out from your moving date to follow along.

Consider Taxes

If you’re moving after you have filed your taxes and are expecting a return, make sure you notify the IRS so that your funds are delivered to the correct location, or plan ahead and have the funds directly deposited to your new account. Additionally, there are a few different circumstances where you might receive a tax break for relocating, so make sure you are aware of those and have all the information you need to claim that deduction on the coming year’s taxes.

Pack Yourself

While ADSI Moving Systems offers full-service relocations, you also have the options to cut costs by packing yourself or even working with our partners at Augusta Go-Mini’s for a do-it-yourself relocation option.

Cash in on your move

Moving can also make you some extra cash, if you’re willing to work a little. Plan a yard sale or garage sale, or even use some of the great online resale sites and apps to get rid of items that you no longer use or won’t have space for in your new home. This will help lighten your load as you’re packing and also put some cash back in your pocket. 

If you are someone to build a moving budget we consider doing so. Although many people might only be worried about hiring a moving company or buying your new home, a lot more goes into this process. Establishing a moving budget will allow you to be prepared for the costs when the day comes. 

Keep an eye out for free offers

When you move you often get lots of coupons and special offers in the mail or via email, especially as you work through changing your address and updating your information with various service providers. This is a great time to cash in on these savings.

While moving can be an expensive time, if you’re savvy you can find some great ways to save money, or even put a little money back into your pockets. Make sure to take time and create a plan or a checklist so you don’t end up leaving any money on the table once moving day is over.   This article was adapted from a previous post on

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GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.