Q&A: A Look at the Value of Corporate Relocation Solutions


When individuals and families decide to relocate as a result of changing jobs or even accepting a new position within their current organization, there are many factors at play when it comes to coordinating this kind of long-distance relocation.

In addition to managing the final days in your current role and preparing to take on a new position, you are also thrown into the process of house hunting, potentially selling your existing home, packing, and prepping for a relocation. Many businesses and corporations offer relocation packages to their employees to help ease some of the stress of managing all of these moving parts.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with an Augusta-based HR Professional about her personal experience in working to build comprehensive relocation packages for new hires and enrolled-employees relocating for new opportunities within their organization. We were doubly excited to learn that she used those corporate relocation services when she moved to the Augusta area a few years ago to take on her current role.

During our interview, we took a look at her experience with corporate relocation from both the new-hire perspective and the perspective of her current role in recruiting new talent for their organization. Here’s what she had to say about the benefits and value of comprehensive corporate relocation packages.

Q: As a recruiter, what are the benefits of being able to offer a new-hire relocation package during the hiring process?

Offering a comprehensive relo package allows us to expand our talent pool nationwide. We’re no longer limited to applicants within the radius of a reasonable commute. Having a Corporate Relocation Package helps candidates consider locations outside of their current geographic area.

Q: What are the benefits of being able to offer a relocation package to an existing employee? Are they different?

When transferring an internal ee, a relo package is included. While the role may be a promotion for the ee, we do not want our employees to assume responsibility for the financial and logistical concerns of moving. Offering these packages makes transfers more appealing and keeps EEs engaged in their work throughout the process, as they are not distracted by the stresses of planning and coordinating a move for themselves and possibly their family.

Q: I know you were able to take advantage of your company’s relocation package offerings when you relocated to Augusta for a new job, did having the relocation package make this job offer more enticing?

Absolutely! My relo package allowed me to be on site quicker and finish out my old job more focused since I wasn’t looking for movers or researching storage options. I was interviewing with multiple companies and declined several offers from those who weren’t offering a comprehensive relo package.

Q: Do you feel that having the move taken care of helped to ease some of the stress of relocating for a new job?

Definitely, we moved during the holidays-an already stressful time-but since the packing, moving and storage was all arranged we were able to enjoy the time with family. I only took two days off between jobs to drive to my new city.


For any organization or business focused on growth, the value of relocation packages is two-fold. For your human resources and recruiting teams, these offerings allow you to broaden talent searches and give you a tool to leverage yourself above other organizations during the talent search. For your employees and new hires, having the stress of planning and organizing a relocation alleviated, makes the transition period less stressful, and potentially makes a new position that requires a move, more enticing.


If you are an HR professional or a business looking to develop relocation package offerings as a part of your talent acquisition process, the Team at ADSI Moving Systems is here to help. As an agent for both United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit, our global network of partners allows us to help you relocate your talent all over the world! Ellefson Transportation Group has over 50 years of experience creating a customer focused, quality driven relocation solutions but businesses and families across the CSRA and beyond. Contact one of our move coordinators today to learn more about our corporate relocation solutions today!