Having the right supplies can make all the difference when packing for your upcoming move. While it might be tempting to collect boxes from stores or a friends garage from a convenience and a price standpoint, properly sourcing your packing supplies makes a big difference. Sourcing materials from a trusted source, like your moving company or a local retailer, ensures the integrity of the materials and the “right-sized” boxes for your items.

Check out our break down of packing supplies you’ll definitely want to add to your list:

Packing Supplies for your Move

  • Boxes: An average three-bedroom home requires 70-150 boxes to completely pack for a move. Below are details about specific types of moving boxes. 
  • Newsprint: Unprinted news wrap can be used to protect fragile items during a move. 
  • Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap can be used to protect fragile items and to fill gaps in your boxes. 
  • Furniture Pads: Furniture pads are used to cover and protect large furniture and appliances.
  • Packing Tape: High-quality box tape will ensure your boxes stay closed and items stay taped during transit. Make sure you have plenty of it on-hand when packing the house.
  • Markers: Make sure to label each box to keep track of where your items are stored. 
  • Re-useable totes: An environmentally conscious alternative to traditional cardboard boxes are plastic reusable totes or bins.
  • Small Plastic Bags: These are great to store and sort small items together such as hardware for shelving.

Breaking down the Boxes

Did you know that there are different kinds of moving boxes? Boxes for clothes, boxes for dishes, TVs, and even books? Having the right kinds of boxes also helps to ensure the security of your items, for example, dish barrels are reinforced to stand up to the weight of the items you might place inside, while wardrobe boxes make it easy to transport hanging clothes from one place to another. 

Wardrobe Boxes

A wardrobe box is constructed with a hanger bar so that you can transfer shirts, blouses and suits directly from the closet into the box without folding or wrinkling your clothes. These boxes come in several heights to additionally accommodate longer items such as dresses and pants.

Dish Pack

Dish pack kits are compartmentalized to accommodate dinner plates, salad plates, saucers and bowls. Many kits include foam padding to enclose and isolate each piece to ensure safe transit.

Book Box

These heavy-duty boxes are reinforced with thicker walls for heavier applications. These are ideal for packing and protecting electronics, book collections and appliances

Large Boxes

Ideal for lightweight and medium-weight goods like lampshades, throw pillows and clothing.

Parts Box

No special box is needed, here but this is a GREAT place to keep all those parts and pieces for items you might have needed to disassemble when packing. Place all the parts for the same items in labeled bags or containers so they don’t get lost in transit and items can easily be reassembled once you arrive at your new home.

Medium Box

Ideal for small appliances and other household items. These boxes are often most compatible with dish pack and glass pack inserts used to keep fragile glassware insulated.

Mirror Box

Specialty boxes that have adjustable sides to easily pack and protect items like mirrors, framed pictures, and art pieces.

Flat Screen TV Box

Designed to fit your flat-screen TV and help protect them during your relocation. Much better than wrapping it in sheets and towels and hoping for the best!


Sourcing Packing Supplies

If possible, it is beneficial to source your packing supplies from your moving company. This ensures that the supplies are in good condition and will meet the movers’ standards as they move you. If you’re looking to save money, we recommend getting slightly used boxes from someone you know. Don’t take boxes that have stored or transported food OR have been outside for any length of time as these are more prone to pests, critters and mold. 

If you’re just beginning to plan for your move, educate yourself about the packing and moving supplies you will need and tips on how to pack and protect your items. 

Packing Tips

If you choose to pack your own boxes, here are some packing tips to help ease the moving process for you! 

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Contact us if you are in search of supplies for your D.I.Y. packing jobs, or if you’re looking for a team to handle it all for you. Call ADSI Moving Systems today to learn more about our full-service relocation options at (706) 793-0186