Questions to Ask When Selecting an Office Move Provider


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With a process as important as an office move, finding the right service provider is vital. An irresponsible company will only waste your time and money, but partnering with a dependable office move provider promises a smooth transition so that your business is able to get back on track in your new space as soon as possible. Before making any decisions, ask your provider these questions to make sure you’ve put your office move in the right hands.

How long has your company been in business and can you provide me with references from past commercial relocation clients?

If an office move provider is unable to provide any information supporting an established business with credible references, you might want to look elsewhere. It is not uncommon to find “movers” who often change names and information to avoid a trail of bad reviews and dissatisfied customers.

When it comes to finding a dependable company, you’ll want specific references from businesses similar to your own, so you can be sure they have the experience necessary for your exact type of relocation.

Potential clients can scroll through a variety of satisfied testimonies from ADSI’s past clients on Google, and we are always willing to provide a recent list of local referrals.

What is your experience level and do you have any specialized experience? 

If you are relocating to an urban area with walk-ups and freight elevators or small streets, make sure that your moving company is equipped to handle that. Additionally, if you are looking to hire someone to move large pieces, such as machinery and special equipment, make sure you disclose this information and, if they are unable to meet your specific needs, discuss other options. It’s most important to ensure you’re choosing a company with experience.

At ADSI, we boast 50 years of reliable service and a longstanding tradition of moving specialty facilities, like clinics and hospitals, IT departments, libraries, and more.

Are you licensed by the USDOT and insured? 

If a company is unable to provide you with documentation of licensing and insurance, chances are, if something goes wrong, the DOT and other organizations might not be able to help you. Always do your homework and make sure that your service providers check out.

Are you licensed for State and Interstate Transport? 

This is key if you are moving across state lines, as you’ll want to be sure the company you select is licensed to handle a move anywhere in the country.

What is your insurance & liability coverage for lost or damaged items? Do you offer additional moving insurance?

It is SO important to make sure that you understand the liability and insurance policies of your relocation partner prior to your move. By law, your mover should provide you with a document outlining your rights & responsibilities during your move. If they do not, this is a red flag, and it might be best to look elsewhere.

How do they manage the process?

By asking how they handle the move from start to finish, you can determine whether or not you’ll be working with a thorough and capable office move provider. What steps do they take to prepare beforehand? Will they help you develop a plan for your new space? What happens after all of the boxes have been unloaded?

At ADSI, our team of consultants will plan, customize, and supervise your entire office move, starting with a walkthrough of your new space to develop a layout. From there, our moving team provides all the assistance you need, performing surface preparation services, finalizing packing, and preparing your items for damage-free transit. When unloaded, each piece of furniture is placed according to your layout, and we dispose of any leftover debris before leaving, so your company is fully ready for business to resume.

Can they provide any specialty equipment your office move requires?

For a company that uses industrial machinery or equipment, it’s important to find an office move provider that has both the tools and expertise to accommodate such a transfer. They’ll need the right equipment to install and uninstall, load and unload your high-value hardware without causing any damage.

With our years of experience moving a variety of complex facilities, ADSI can provide the utmost care in transporting special commodities, as well as necessary tools, such as:

  • Specialized Rigging
  • Racking Systems
  • Specialized Transportation
  • Vendor Management
  • Systems Administration

Our walkthrough prior to your move helps us determine the need for any specialty equipment. That way, we show up on moving day prepared for a seamless transition.

Do they offer the logistics services your move may require?

No matter how complicated your situation may be, your office move provider should be able to work with you to make sure all logistics are handled, whether this means securing short term storage between leases or providing installation services by certified professionals.

ADSI works to streamline your moving logistics by providing an organized, secure storage facility for your furniture, products, and equipment. As items enter and exit the facility, their location is continuously accounted for through our barcode tracking system and monitored inventory shipments. Once you’re ready for your items to be delivered, our trained crew and our connection with a network of international United Van Lines agencies will ensure your inventory is prepped and accounted for as it travels anywhere in the country or the world.

In addition to over 160,000 square feet of warehouse space, ADSI also provides clients with:

  • Freight and Special Commodities cross-dock services
  • Detailed inventory, communications, project management and invoicing services
  • Installation services with certified/uniformed labor
  • Air Ride Suspension fleet with flatbed hauling capability

Who will be on-site on moving day to supervise?

You don’t want an office move consultant who, after months of planning, isn’t present for your moving day. A complicated relocation requires a dependable point of contact to manage the process, lead the team, implement your personalized plan, and stay in contact with you all the way to the finish line.

Asking your office move provider who you can count on to be present for the big day confirms you’ll be working closely with trustworthy experts. With ADSI, not only will our relocation consultants help you create a plan beforehand, they will continue to work alongside you, keeping your project on track until the end.

What is your process for organizing the items for various offices or people?

For businesses looking to get back to work as soon as possible, rooms full of disorganized, unlabeled moving boxes are a major hindrance. That’s why you want to make sure your office move provider has a sure-fire organization process for efficiently arranging your new space.

When it comes to packing and unpacking, ADSI will provide durable containers and color-coded stickers ahead of time, so that each tote and piece of furniture can be properly labeled according to your office set up. With this system, upon arrival at your new facility, our moving crew can immediately unload your team’s belongings in their rightful locations.

What steps do you take to protect the facilities during the relocation process?

You want movers who will not only take care of the furniture you’re relocating but the space itself. To avoid leaving behind any scratched floors or holes in the wall, your office move provider will have to take necessary precautions. At ADSI, prepping your facility is an automatic step in our procedure. Adding ramps, removing doors and railings to clear walkways, and covering floors and door jams for their protection ensures no aspect of the building will be harmed in the moving process. 

You want the best for your office, which means you want the best office move provider. Asking these questions is sure to reveal which company has the necessary expertise for a successful move. 

At ADSI Moving Systems, we provide not only 50 years of experience, but a thorough process, reliable consultants, and flexible solutions, satisfying every need with customer-focused, quality-driven service. Reach out to one of our relocation consultants to schedule a pre-move consultation and let’s get moving. Together. 

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.