Moving to a new state? Make sure to do these things.

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Moving, no matter the distance, is a major life event. But, when it comes to moving to a new state, the process often requires some additional planning and paperwork to ensure a smooth transition. Whether you’re relocating for work, to be closer to family and friends, or just looking for a fresh start, it’s important to understand the process of transitioning into your new home state. We’ve handled thousands of long-distance relocations over the years and understand how daunting this process can feel. Our move coordinators are here to help guide you through each step of the process so that you can settle in with ease.

Not sure what needs to be done? ADSI Moving Systems you covered. We’ve rounded up a list of things to do as you prepare for moving day and as you settle into your new home, in a new state!

Preparing to Move to a New State

Moving to a new state can be an exciting and rewarding experience. To make the process go as smoothly as possible, it is important to plan ahead and get organized. Take time to get to know your new area, build a budget and create a timeline to set yourself up for success along the way.

Research your new area: Read up on the area you are moving to and familiarize yourself with local businesses, healthcare options, schools and childcare options, attractions, etc. This will help you create a better understanding of the area and get to know it before arrival.

Set a budget: Before starting the process of finding a mover or packing your belongings, plan out a budget for the entire move process so you know how much money you have to work with. Not sure what to include? Check out this budget resource guide.

Make a checklist: Create a moving timeline and a list of all the tasks you need to complete in order to successfully move, from hiring movers, packing boxes, changing your address with the post office, etc., so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Start packing early: If you’re going to do most of the packing yourself, start early in order to reduce stress levels during the actual move day. It’s best to begin with rooms and items you use less often and then work your way through more commonly needed items leading up to moving day. Pro tip: label everything!

Don’t forget these important docs:

  • Social security card or other proof of identity
  • Proof of residency in current state
  • Driver’s license or other government-issued identification
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage and/or divorce certificates
  • School transcripts for children (if applicable)
  • Medical records for you and your family members
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Insurance policies for health, auto, home, and life (if applicable)

How to choose a mover for your out-of-state move

The process of finding a mover for an out-of-state move is often daunting due to the complexity of the task. There are a variety of options and service types to consider from D.I.Y. style moves all the way to full-service moves.

Here are some tips for finding a reliable mover for an out-of-state move:

Get recommendations: Speak with family or friends who have moved recently and get their advice on which company they used.

Compare prices: Request quotes from multiple moving companies to find one that fits your budget but also provides quality services.

Verify credentials: Make sure to verify the credentials of any movers you’re considering hiring, such as insurance, licensing, and experience in long-distance moves.

Confirm interstate authority to ensure the company you’re hiring can legally transport your items across state lines.

Read reviews: Do some research on potential movers by reading reviews online, so you can get an idea of how satisfied others have been with their service.

Ask questions: Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions before signing a contract – this is your chance to make sure they are the right fit for your needs!

After moving day, make sure you complete these tasks:

Once moving day is over, there are still many tasks on your “new resident to-do list” Here are a few that you should prioritize in the first couple of weeks in your new state.

Change your address with the USPS

Use the Change of Address form on the USPS website to redirect your mail from your old address to your new one. You can also do this at your local post office. Here are a list of some local post offices in the Augusta, GA area

  • Post Office at Lumpkin Road and Wrightsboro Road
  • Post Office on Walton Way
  • Post Office on Marks Church Road
  • Post Office on Washington Road
  • Post Office on Broad Street
  • Post Office on North Leg
  • Post Office at Martinez Shopping Center

Register to vote in the new state

Most states require you to register or update your voter records once you have moved. Check for online registration options or take proof of ID and residency documents to your local voting county office.

In Georgia, you can contact the voter registration office at:
Georgia Secretary of State Elections Division
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE, Suite 312, Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: (404) 656-2871

In South Carolina, you can contact the voter registration office at:
South Carolina Election Commission
P.O Box 5987 Columbia SC 29250
Phone Number: (803) 734-9060
Email Address:

Reminder: The deadline for updating registration varies from state to state and can also vary depending on if it’s a primary or general election year – check your local election commission website for up-to-date information about deadlines in your area

Obtain a driver’s license in the new state

Each state has different requirements for obtaining a driver’s license so make sure you are familiar with these before moving. This includes taking a written test, showing proof of insurance and residency, and passing both a vision and driving test if applicable

Register your vehicle:

You’ll need to transfer your registration, title, and license plates in order to legally drive in the new state and pay any related taxes for your tag and vehicle.

Update any banking and billing information

Notify any banking institutions of your change of address in order for them to update their records correctly as well as transfer all relevant accounts over if desired

Transfer utilities

Contact utility companies prior to moving day so they can transfer service accordingly or set up accounts in advance in case service must be activated right away. In some areas, you can provide references from your existing utility providers that you were a user in good standing, which can help reduce or remove any setup fees associated with new utility accounts.

Trust your Out-of-State Move to the Pros

At the end of the day, one of the best ways to make sure your out-of-state move goes as smoothly as possible is by entrusting it to experienced professionals, like the team at ADSI Moving systems. We always recommend that you get estimates and research a few different movers before booking, so you can find a reliable company that offers services tailored to fit your needs and budget. With decades of experience, an impeccable reputation, and a commitment to creating a customer-focused, quality-driven relocation experience, ADSI is here to make sure your move is stress-free from start to finish. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you get settled into your new home quickly and easily!