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If you’re a planner and 2020 is the year your family or your business plans to make a move, it’s never too early to start preparing. Whether your relocation takes you across town or across the globe our team of experts is here to help, so we have rounded up a few tasks that you can get to work on now so that the weeks leading up to your move are smooth sailing!

General Relocation Tips

For customers moving a home or an office upfront research is key. You’ll want to look into a variety of things related to your relocation including the areas you’re considering moving to, any budgeting adjustments you’ll need to make, and what service providers will be key in making your relocation simple.

If you’re planning for a move in 2020, the earlier you can schedule your moving date the better. For both homeowners and business owners looking to move, it’s important to have a fixed relocation date on the calendar as soon as you can. This allows you to back into other scheduled items like interior cleanings, pre-move in-home or facility updates, service and utility transfers and more.

Take a few items off your pre-move task list and consider hiring experts. This doesn’t just mean for your relocation if you’re making updates or need help getting organized, cleaning the house, or prepping for moving day there are plenty of qualified experts out there ready to lend a hand.

Tips for Residential Moves

If your anticipated move also means selling your house, start prioritizing home projects that need to be completed before you can list. Talk with your local realtor to learn more about the “must-do” items to get your home market-ready and start working to check them off your list, as you have time.

One of the often-forgotten tasks of moving is sorting and emptying storage areas, especially those off-site storage units you’ve been keeping things in for years. Prior to your move, schedule time to sort through those storage units, attics, basements, and garages to eliminate any extra “stuff” that doesn’t need to make the move.

If your moving company will need to pick up items from a storage facility, be sure to communicate that upfront so that the appropriate arrangements can be made on moving day.

We have some great resources to help you prep for moving day, including this generic timeline for your relocation. But, a full, customized task list will really help you get the job done. Use our timeline as a guide and create your own schedule adding in dates, deadlines, and appropriate information (like contacts for service providers and insurance and warranty information).

Tips for Commercial Relocation

Create an internal team that can be the point of contact for all relocation-related questions and information throughout the process. Putting this team in place will be beneficial to not only your service providers but also your internal team. Task them with putting together plans, timelines, and communicating updates to your organization throughout the relocation process.

If your business has any equipment, machinery, warehouse or file storage spaces that require relocation as a part of your upcoming commercial move, be sure to start planning for those in advance. Talk with your relocation provider about the safest and most efficient ways to relocate the specific items and put together a plan well ahead of moving day.

This is especially important for equipment and machines that may require servicing by the manufacturer or certified technicians to prepare them for transit. You’ll want to leave yourself enough time to schedule those appointments prior to moving day so that everything is ready to go when the moving crews arrive.

When relocating an entire office, space planning is key. Be sure to put together detailed floor plans for your relocation team and the moving crew leads so that they know where items should be placed and employees aren’t spending the first few days in a new space shuffling office spaces and furniture around. Bonus tip: Label everything! This helps ensure that all the furniture, boxes, and other items end up in the right office spaces on moving day!

Contact one of our relocation consultants today to learn more about how Team ETG can help you or your business as you prepare for your upcoming relocation.

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.