How To Select Your Packing Option


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ADSI Moving Systems realizes that every move is different and we offer relocation services that fit each residential relocation. Depending on the distance and timeline of your move, our team provides customized services to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a full-service or a do-it-yourself move, we offer options to fit every budget and timeline. Our relocation consultants are here to help determine the best option for your residential move. As you’re preparing for your move, packing is often one of the largest items on the to-do list. We offer a variety of packaging services to ensure that your relocation fits your needs, your budget, and your timeline.

Full-Service Pack

Full-service packing options are best for people that do not have enough time available to pack their entire home or for larger relocations. After your virtual estimate, your moving consultant will set an estimated price based on packing everything in your home.  

Full-service packing services are virtually hands-free for you, the client, and ADSI Moving Systems offers a variety of services that are focused on prepping and preparing your items for transit all the way down to packing dishes and closets. Items packed by ADSI Moving Systems will be covered under your selected move protection option.

Partial Pack

Partial packing services are a great option if you are looking for a lower cost moving solution. If you have the time and ability to pack your items carefully for transport but need some help, partial packing services are perfect for you! 

Your moving consultant will set a price based on the items that will need to be packed and wrapped by ADSI Moving Systems. The estimate can vary from your actual cost depending on if you need more or less items packed than planned. These changes typically need to be made at least a week in advance from your scheduled move.

Partial packing allows you the flexibility to pack at your own pace, but also gives you the security of knowing you can have the “pros” pack and prepare your fragile items for transit. 


For clients selecting a “self-pack” you will be responsible for packing all your boxed items ahead of moving day. A self-pack is the low-cost option, for those looking to relocate on a budget.

Self-packing can either be in preparation for a moving company to physically transport your items or as a part of a D.I.Y. relocation option. 

ADSI offers moving options that omit packing services and are available for transporting your items to your new home. If you are looking for a complete do-it-yourself relocation, consider renting a Go Mini’s portable storage container. These containers are delivered to your home for loading of your items and can be transported to your new location, or to a secure storage facility if there is a gap in your moving timeline. 

Packing options: Full service, partial pack, self pack.

Packing Tips

Whether packing everything yourself, or only a partial amount to prepare for your moving company, here are some tips:

  • Invest in proper moving boxes or bins 
  • Label and color code boxes for easy sorting
  • Secure each box with strong tape if using traditional boxes
  • Host a yard sale or donate items you don’t wish to move
  • Schedule packing time each day
  • Don’t overpack each box
  • Leave clothes on hangers
5 packing hacks from ADSI Moving Systems.

Read here for more packing tips. 

ADSI Moving Systems offers a variety of customizable relocation services based on the timeline and budget of your move. ADSI is here to make your move run as smoothly as possible. Call one of our relocation consultants today to schedule your in-home or virtual survey at (706) 793-0186.

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.