How to Keep Business Operational During Your Office Move


With proper planning, your business can successfully move without having to close operations, or move in a single weekend. These steps can help make your office move efficiently without compromising productivity. 

Make a Plan

Creating detailed checklists are a great way to stay organized during your move. If possible, FacileThings recommends assigning a team member as the Internal move manager, “with the task of creating a timetable and acting as a mediator between workers and management. 

ADSI Moving Systems has moving checklists and tips on how to prepare for your office move here. We also have tips on How to Reduce The Stress of an Office Move

Timing of your Move

Moving an entire office can be a long process, so it is important to be mindful of the timeline of your move. When possible we recommend scheduling a move in your slower seasons or on less busy days of the week. Moving during this time of year and after business hours or during a weekend will limit interruptions to productivity.  

When possible we recommend scheduling a move in your slower seasons or on less busy days of the week.

Employee Engagement

Whether you are moving in stages or all at once, it is important to update your team as the move progresses. 

If you are moving in stages, make sure all employees know what is being moved when and if they are required to help pack anything. 

If you are moving all at once, we recommend making a packing schedule for your organization if packing yourself to stay on track. Employees are often encouraged to pack personal, non-essential items first to eliminate extensive time spent packing and sorting during the move. 

OfficeSpace recommends providing a welcome packet to your coworkers once furniture and people are settled. This can include information about parking, new procedures, or unfamiliar features such as keycards for the building. 

Client Communication

If you are moving during a day you are typically open, be sure to inform your clients that you will not be available. We recommend setting an automated email response or voicemail message that explains what dates you will be out of the office. 

If you are changing phone numbers, be sure to include the new one in this message and also include the building’s new mailing address. You can also announce your move on social media to reach anyone that may be contacting your business. 

Use technology

Modern technology allows you to track your assets during the move. This can help ensure that planned deadlines are met and all items are delivered and set up accurately in your new space. According to NAIOP’s article, “tracking software addresses unplanned issues long before employees return to work after a move”. Tracking software applications also deliver substantial productivity savings, cutting move time and costs by up to 30%. 

Hire Movers

The most efficient way to relocate your office is to hire a team to do the packing, moving, and setup in your new office. ADSI Moving Systems offers many office and industrial relocation services. Not sure if hiring a moving company is best for your organization? Here are the Benefits of Hiring an Office Manager

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