Housing Trends For 2022

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We continue  to see the impact of Coronavirus on the housing market and the market for home sales will continue to heat up as we head into 2022. While the progression of the pandemic still seems unpredictable, experts are making predictions on what we can expect in a variety of industries over the next year. Here’s a round up of what you can expect for housing trends in 2022. 

Relocation Trends

With the coronavirus still in effect we continue to see  relocations throughout the U.S. Over the past year, America  witnessed the lowest rate of moves since 1948.  The US Census Bureau, listed these as top reasons Americans moved in 2021:

  • New/ Updated Homes – 17.4%
  • Establish A Household – 12.2%
  • Job Transfer – 10.8%
  • Family Related – 10.5%
  • Downsizing – 8.2%

2022 Housing Market Predictions

As we head into 2022, experts are predicting an optimistic outlook for the housing market..  Predictions point to a 6.6% increase in home sales. Additionally, home prices are predicted to be 2.9% higher than the prices we have seen in 2021. Millennials, who make up a vast majority of buyers,  can expect to see a small uptick in mortgage rates pushing them to prioritize affordability. 

Affordable housing has been a primary concern, especially during the pandemic. The demand for apartments and single family homes will continue to keep affordability top of mind throughout 2022. 

Where Are People Moving?

Rocket Homes partnered up with BestPlaces.net to curate a list to see which cities in the U.S. were most promising. By doing so, they had taken life goals into deep consideration. They wanted to make sure the list that they had created looked at the best cities for work life, health, real estate, etc.

1: Boise, Idaho

If you are looking for a city with high job growth and very low unemployment and crime rates then Boise is the place for you. As the population in Boise continues to increase, home values have seen a 45% increase within the last year.

2: Provo, Utah

Provo has been bringing in more individuals to increase their population. Fifty-four percent of that growth is thanks to the new high tech companies. Provo also has the attractive benefits of a better unemployment rate than 99% of the country and the nearby ski resorts. 

3: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

A city full of affordable housing, more space, better quality of life, and job opportunities… Who wouldn’t want to move here? This city saw a net migration of approximately 3% in 2020, this ranks Coeur D’Alene at the top 2% for migration in the U.S. On top of the net migration rate, they experienced more growth in job opportunities than 96% of the country within the last year.

Georgians on The Move

To our fellow Georgians, are you considering making a move in 2022? The top places individuals are moving to from Georgia are our sister states. The first being Florida, number two goes to North Carolina, and the third most popular spot goes to South Carolina. 

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