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When we are talking with many of our customers in the early stages of planning their move, we often get asked about timelines. Some of the questions are more specific: what day will my items be packed and loaded and will they be delivered on the same day or different day? Some are more long-range: How much time should I allow myself for packing and cleaning? How many days should I take off work for my move? How do I know the best way to choose a moving date?   When building your moving timeline there are a few key pieces to the puzzle that you will want to have in place –

  • When do you need to be out of your current residence?
  • When is your new residence Available?
  • If you’re moving for a new job, when do you report for your first day?
  • When are you able to book moving services?

Once you are able to answer these four questions you can begin building a timeline based off those dates. If you know you have to be out of your home by the 1st and your new home isn’t available until the 15th, you will want to include plans for short-term housing and storage, and coordinate those items with your moving company.   The sooner you are able to book your moving services, the better. As we prepare to head into the peak season (late spring and summer) we suggest planning several weeks in advance to ensure that you have a better choice of dates that may fit your schedule. If you are moving in the summer, try to be flexible; consider options like moving on a week day to ensure you are able to get as close to your target move date as possible.   When all your key dates are set, begin planning your personal timeline of tasks that you need to complete before moving day. These items include things like

  • Cleaning
  • Planning/Organizing donations or yard sale items
  • Packing
  • organizing moving day childcare
  • transferring utilities and accounts
  • changing your address
  • school/ childcare registration
  • Pre-move updates to your new home

If you are planning for a full-service relocation that includes packing, loading, unloading and a flat-surface unpack, some of these items will already be including in your scheduled move dates. This means you just need to sort out items you don’t want to take with you and spend some time doing a final clean of your home before move-out. If you are planning for a DIY relocation using a company like our partners at Augusta Go-Mini’s, we recommend allowing yourself several days to get all the sorting, packing, and cleaning done and a few extra days on the back end so you aren’t rushed getting settled into your new home.   To view a full moving timeline that includes all of the items we talked about above, you can check out our Moving Reminders checklist. For a more condensed version, here is a handy infographic with some key items to keep in mind as you plan your move. If you are in the very early stages of planning your spring or summer relocation, contact ADSI Moving Systems today to schedule a free in-home estimate for your relocation. With over 50 years of specialized experience, our team has been providing customer focused, quality driven relocations to our clients, whether they are moving across town or across the country. We look forward to helping you get moving!

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.