Determining Your Storage Needs


Moving is overwhelming enough, and deciding how to best store your belongings can add to the headache. Fortunately, ADSI is here to help, offering a number of storage options that will ease your moving worries. Regardless of the circumstances of your move, ADSI offers both long- and short-term storage, warehouse storage or portable storage, and other accommodations to meet your needs throughout your move.

So, which to choose: long-term or short-term storage, warehouse or on-site storage. Below are a couple of questions you are likely asking yourself, accompanied by the answers to each, to guide you to the best option for your move.

How long will I need storage?

Long-term (More than 3 months).

If you need to store items for more than 3 months, you may consider long-term warehouse storage. ADSI has several facilities totaling 160,000 square-feet of space dedicated to storage; with this option, all of your items will be out of your way, under the supervision of our employees.

Short-term (Less than 3 months).

If you’re moving on short notice or need storage for your items for a few weeks while you’re in transition, ADSI offers the same warehouse space for short-term storage.

Short-term, on-site storage.

You may also consider using one of our Go-Mini’s, which are portable storage units that we will deliver to and pick up from you, and that you can keep wherever is most convenient for you in the meantime.

Will I need to my items in storage?

No, I won’t need regular access.

If regular access to your goods isn’t a priority, then you may choose to store them in ADSI’s warehouse; although you can access them if needed, this option is more so for those who don’t need to do so regularly. Only our background-checked employees have access to the warehouse space. If that is not an issue for you, and you just need to get your belongings out of the way with no need for consistent access to them, this is your best bet.

Yes, I will need regular access.

If you think you might need quick and easy access to your stored goods, Go-Mini’s again are a strong option. A Go-Mini will be delivered to you, and after you load it up, you can keep it with you, place it at a secondary location, or wherever you have space for it. You can keep it as long as you want and need, and there are no rules surrounding access to its contents while you have it — portable storage is a great solution for those who need storage space and access to their stored goods.

How many things am I storing?

I’m storing a larger volume of goods.

Should you need to move a larger quantity of goods, ADSI has ample warehouse space that can fit everything you need. That also comes with the professional handling and security we offer in keeping watch over your belongings. If the convenience of on-site storage options is a priority for your, our Go Mini’s portable storage containers come in a 20ft size, offering more storage than comparable on-site solutions and there is always the option to rent more than one container, should the need arise.

I’m storing fewer goods.

On the other hand, if you are storing a smaller number of things, you may not need to send them all the way to the warehouse. On-site storage is a good choice for those who are relocating but do not have a high volume of stuff. For instance, young people just starting out, with a couple of their own items of furniture, may go with the Go-Mini as it is good for storing and moving smaller quantities of goods.

No matter the type of move, ADSI has space to give you. Be sure to ask your relocation consultant about which of our storage options is right for your upcoming move.