Corporate Relocation and the ADSI Advantage: Part II

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  We recently shared a blog about our corporate relocation services, how they work and some of the advantages of building corporate relocation partnerships. Whether you are an HR professional, a recruiter, or a part of a large corporation with locations across the U.S., corporate relocation services are something you should be considering. In today’s society, when talent acquisition starts online, your pool of applicants can be larger than ever, and these days people are more mobile than ever before, willing to relocate themselves, and sometimes their families, to meet their career goals, no matter what it takes.   This mentality is great news for organizations, but often opens up a can of worms when it comes time to bring the talent to the table, so to speak. Relocating isn’t always as easy as we’d like it to be, especially when new job opportunities or promotions are the driving factor. Many employees and potential employees weigh heavily the cost of relocation when considering career moves. If your company or firm is not providing any assistance when it comes to relocation, it might be time to change your tune. We understand that planning and managing facets of a corporate relocation can be tough, but we know we can take some of that work off of your plate. Here are just a few of the reasons our team of professionals can make all the difference as your corporate relocation services partner.


We understand that relocating is hard on everyone, the employee, their family, their wallet, and the employer, who is working up against a deadline to get all the tasks completed. When you work with ADSI Moving Systems to manage your corporate relocation projects, your teams’ relocations are our priority. We will set you up with one point of contact who can answer all of your questions, from scheduling to pre-move preparations, delivery, packing, unpacking and more. There is no need to reach out to someone in our various departments, your go-to relocation services coordinator will be there to assist you every step of the way. Their primary job is to get your questions answered and ensure that your relocation runs smoothly from start to finish.


Once a partnership agreement is signed, you can rest assured there will be no surprises. Expectations and standards are clearly outlined and you and your employees will always know what to expect. With over 50 years in the relocation services industry our team has the knowledge and experience you are looking for to serve your corporate recruits or transferring employees. We understand that our services are a reflection of our organization, as well as yours, and we work everyday to assure that you can count on high-quality, reliable services with no surprises or last minute changes.


In 2012, companies spent an average of $19,303 to move a new hire who is renting and upward of $90,000 to move a current employee who is a homeowner, according to the Worldwide ERC, the association for professionals who oversee employee transfers[1]. When you work with ADSI Moving Systems as a corporate relocation partner, pricing is set from day one. Your employees will not need to hassle with scheduling for estimates and pricing comparisons. Additionally, your pricing will not be subject to rate fluctuations due to seasonal increases or other outside factors. This allows your employees or your organization to appropriately budget and plan for the relocation expenses, regardless of when they move.


There are no contract requirements for quantity of relocations, volume commitments etc. While some companies place minimum requirements on annual relocations in order to guarantee services and pricing, we are here to serve you whenever you need us, whether 5 times a year or 50. We know that every company is different, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reap the benefits of having a partner to service your employee relocations.

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