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CLUTTER IS KING In many homes, clutter is a pain point. From living spaces, to storage spaces, it’s easy to collect up a lot of things. When it comes time to move, those items have to go with you, but it can be overwhelming to sort through it all and get it prepped for moving.   Pro Tip:  Take time prior to moving day to “lighten your load” and get rid of some of those old clothes and toys, furniture that doesn’t need to come to your new home, and those boxes that have been in the attic since your last move. The less stuff you have to worry about moving and storing, the better!


If you have opted for a self-pack or are moving on your own, without the help of a relocation company, don’t wait until the day of your move to pack. Make sure everything is ready to load on moving day so you can dedicate more time to loading, unloading and getting settled in your new space.   Pro Tip: A few weeks before your move, start with rooms you rarely use. Sort and pack the items, labeling the boxes accordingly. Give yourself plenty of time to pack and make sure to use bubble wrap or tissue paper to protect fragile items during transit.


If you find yourself waiting until the last minute to pack, you’re likely going to skip this step! But, labeling boxes is so important. It helps you find things easier in your new home and allows you to sort the boxes by room as you’re carrying them in, instead of sorting through a huge pile of unmarked boxes later.   Pro tip: Label the box with the ROOM that it belongs in as well as a short content list. For Example: KITCHEN – Dinner plates, bowls, silverware  


It’s frustrating to get to your new space and realize some of the items from your previous home don’t fit in your new home like you thought they would.   Pro Tip:  Take time before moving day to measure any larger furniture pieces to help to ensure that they will fit in your home. This is also a great time to make a floor plan and decide on furniture placement so your moving crew can help you get things placed on moving day and you don’t have to worry with it later.


It’s worth waiting a few days after closing to move in. This allows you time to get your home move-in ready and make and final changes or repairs before your items are moved into the space.   Pro Tip: Spend some time deep cleaning the house so it’s nice and tidy before the furniture arrives. Changing out flooring and painting are some other tasks that are easier to complete before moving day when your rooms become filled with boxes and furniture.


It’s easy to get distracted, or to want to press fast-forward on some of those new home to-do items, but it’s important that you make moving day a priority.   Pro Tip: Avoid scheduling service and install appointments at your new (or old) home on moving day, this helps you stay focused and also helps avoid unnecessary hazards to your crew members.   Looking for the ultimate way to make moving a breeze? Consider trusting your upcoming relocation to the experts at ADSI Moving Systems. Whether you’re moving locally, in the Augusta, GA area, or across the country, we’re here to provide a customer focused, quality driven relocation solution you can count on.

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.