5 Tips for Beating the Heat during your Summer Move

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The summer sun is blazing, the heat index is off the charts, and you’re moving. Whether it’s across town or to a new state, summer moves can be brutal. Here are 5 tips to help make your move as comfortable – and safe – as possible.

Heat Safety 

When moving during the summer you want to make sure you are being cautious of the heat.  Dehydration and heat exhaustion are real dangers, especially when you’re doing physical labor. Make sure to drink plenty of water – at least 64 ounces a day – and take breaks in the shade as often as possible. And if you start to feel lightheaded, nauseous, or have a headache, stop what you’re doing immediately and seek medical attention.

Make sure that you keep a cooler with water and some sports drinks to ensure that everyone stays hydrated throughout the day. Make sure to allow time for breaks throughout the day so that no one gets overheated and there is time to grab a snack or meal to recoup, if needed.

Make sure you don’t cut the power to your home until after you’ve moved out so that you’re not moving without AC and electricity for things like fans for you and the crew to keep cool during the day. Also, make sure the power is turned on early in your new home so you can ensure it has time to cool down before your arrival.

Moving Attire

Make sure to wear appropriate attire on moving day, especially if you plan to help pack and load. Wear close toed shoes and cotton socks. If you’ll be outside, make sure to wear sunblock and make sure you wear clothes that are lightweight, cool or even moisture wicking so that you do not get overheated during the move.


When packing up your home, be mindful of items that can melt in the heat. Chocolate, candles, make-up, and even some plastics can turn into a gooey mess if they get too hot. If you’re not sure whether something can withstand the heat, err on the side of caution and pack it in a cooler or the fridge.

Also, remember some personal items like photos, electronics, and plants should not be packed in your moving truck when temps are high. 

Moving Day 

On moving day, get an early start to beat the heat. If possible, try to schedule your move for the morning or evening when it’s not quite so hot. And if you’re hiring movers, make sure they are aware of your concerns about the heat and that they take plenty of breaks.


If you’re using a storage unit, be sure to choose one with proper ventilation. This will help protect your belongings from the heat, humidity, and other weather-related damage. And if you’re storing anything sensitive to temperature changes – like electronics or photographs – make sure they are well-insulated to prevent any damage.

Whether you’re hiring a team of professionals or you and a group of friends and family are planning to tackle the task, taking special precautions during the hot summer months is important. Moving can exert a lot of energy and burn a lot of calories in cooler temperatures, so the heat only makes things more difficult. Make sure to stay hydrated and listen to your body! Don’t over-do-it and be sure to plan and prepare accordingly to make sure you beat the heat during your move.

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