5 Resolutions to Help with your Upcoming Move!


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a survey from 2017, over 21% of Americans resolved at the start of the new year to purchase a home by year’s end. And if you’ve resolved to purchase a home, you’ve resolved to move!   So, if you are planning to make some resolutions for this new year and also have a move on the horizon, consider setting a few goals that will help you get ahead of the game, after all, isn’t that what goals are for?!

Here are 5 resolutions you can make today that will help you get your home and your family ready for a move later this year.

  1. Resolve to Tidy Up! Having a clean space will go a long way when it’s time to start packing up your items for moving day. It’s also a great idea to consider those move-in and move-out cleanings that might need to happen around moving day and start saving up to pay for services like carpet and floor cleaning, power washing your home’s exterior and more!
  2. Resolve to Refresh! If you’re planning to sell your home, or even rent it out for extra income, resolve to spend time making the necessary updates and refreshes prior to listing your property. This includes things like painting walls and ceilings, replacing flooring, and updating fixtures to help your home look fresh and market-ready! Planning ahead will help you stay on track and keep from feeling overwhelmed by extra projects as moving day approaches.
  3. Resolve to De-Clutter! Decluttering your home is one of the first things a real estate agent might tell you to do to prepare to list your home, but it’s ALSO a great tip to help you prepare for moving day. Consider getting rid of items that you won’t need or have space for in your new home, or clothes, toys, games, and other items members of your family might have outgrown over the years. This is also a great time to sort through all those extra items you have stowed away in your attic, basement, or a storage unit. If you aren’t using it, considering donating it or selling it to lighten your load on moving day!
  4. Resolve to Plan Ahead Being organized and prepared for moving day starts with planning ahead. Consider using some of our moving resources to help you stay on top of your pre-move tasks and ensure that you get all your to-do’s done!
  5. Resolve to Do Your Research! From moving companies to real estate agents, home services vendors and more, there are plenty of decisions to be made as you prepare to move. Do your research and find service providers you can trust to help make the process as pain-free as possible.

At ADSI Moving Systems our team resolves to create relocation solutions that are about more than just getting you from point A to point B. Our team is with you every step of the way to ensure that your questions are answered, your items are handled with care, and your relocation is as seamless as possible. Ready to book? Let’s get moving, Together.

GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.