5 Relocation Resolutions for your New Home

 If you are planning a move in 2016, or even if you moved to a new place in the latter part of 2015, setting relocation resolutions might be a great way to refocus your energy and efforts in the new year to create a happy, healthy home. Resolutions don’t just have to be for health, or taking grand vacations, or finally cleaning out the attic. You can make simple resolutions  that consist of a daily task or action item that will create an over-all improved lifestyle or habit.   Trust us, we know that moving is quite the task, but it is also a great time to hit the reset button on some of your lifestyle habits. Since you will be in a new place, no time like now to implement that “new year, new you,” mindset. Check out these 5 simple relocation resolutions you can make once you move that could change your life for the better:


  • Stay Organized: If you’re already super organized, then this shouldn’t be an issue when you get to your new home. But, if you struggle to keep things in their place and feel like the burden of unpacking your belongings could last for months, create organizational goals for your new home. Start by organizing your items as you’re packing so they are easier to find and sort in your new home, and then tackle one room at a time, starting with the rooms you will use most frequently. Make sure everything has a place- label items, file them correctly, and sort them by use, don’t take the “out of sight, out of mind” approach. Create a system for organizing your storage in your new home before you move, and stick to it as you are unpacking.
  • Go Green New home, new beginnings. Even if you aren’t purchasing some lavish energy efficient home with all the best energy saving appliances and smart home systems, you can still implement simple life changes to help your home be more eco-friendly. Use energy efficient bulbs, create a recycling area, use eco-friendly cleaning products, and even use low VOC paints when you’re redecorating.
  • Manage Your Stress: Your move doesn’t have to be stressful, and we try our best to help ease your mind through every step of the process. Whether you work with your move coordinator to create a timeline or you take advantage of our pre-moving checklists, ADSI Moving Systems has tons of tools to help you get a game plan in place for your big move and help keep the stress at a minimum. Having a plan in place before moving day will give you more peace of mind and keep you from feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all the items that need to get done. But don’t just stop with the move! Having a plan for unpacking, exploring your new neighborhood, decorating your new place, and more can help keep the stress levels down even after the moving truck pulls out of your driveway.
  • Keep it Clean: Did you know that you can book a maid service through United Van Lines to clean your old home when you move out, or your new home before you arrive? It’s true! And doing so will probably help you to managing those stress levels during your move, but having a clean home shouldn’t just be a one-time activity. Create a chore list or cleaning schedule that you can implement in your new home. Divide items by weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual tasks and stick to it! That clean feeling will be much more consistent than if you just let everything pile up and do a few semi-annual deep cleans of your home.
  • Get Involved: Even if you weren’t super plugged into your previous community, relocating is a great time to start fresh. Join a running or cycling club, sign your kids up for sports teams and help coach, join a church, networking group, or service organization and really plug-in to your new community. This will help you get acclimated, make new friends, and learn more about your new area.

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, these 5 simple relocation resolutions can make moving to your new home more of a fresh start than you originally thought. When you’re already going through a period of change, what better time to add a few self-improvement items to the list. Resolutions aren’t just for the new year. You can resolve to make a change any time you want, and these moving resolutions are the perfect example!