2021 Moving Trends: A Closer Look At The United Van Lines Movers Study


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As we enter into our second year of this pandemic the selling market continues to rise. More and more Americans are making a move, but why?

“As the pandemic continues to impact our day-to-day, we’re seeing that lifestyle changes — including the increased ability to work from home — and wanting to be closer to family are key factors in why Americans are moving today.” – Eily Cummings (Director of corporate communications at United Van Lines)

The 2021 United Van Lines Movers study takes a look at some of 2021’s moving trends across the U.S.

Moving In

South Carolina is still a front runner, falling in the top 10 inbound states for 2021. States that rank high on inbound moves see a larger percentage of residents moving into the state, as opposed to relocating to other states.

Other states rounding out the top 10 include:
South Dakota
South Carolina
West Virginia
Rhode Island

South Carolina Relocation Trends

South Carolina has been a popular moving destination. In 2020 South Carolina was ranked number 3 for the top 10 inbound states and in 2021 they held steady.

Let’s take a closer look as to why South Carolina is so popular. In 2021 South Carolina experienced 63% inbound moves, essentially 13% more inbound moves vs. outbound. TWhat seemed to bring people in? Here’s a quick snapshot at a few of the reasons people choose South Carolina:
Retirement (37%)
Family (29%)
Lifestyle (24%)
Jobs (19%)

Georgia Relocation Trends

In total, Georgia saw 53.5% inbound moves and 46.5% outbound moves according to the United Vans moving study. Here’s a quick look at why people are moving in and out of Georgia.

Inbound: 36.56%
Outbound: 11.43%
Inbound: 4.66%
Outbound: 8.57%
Inbound: 28.85%
Outbound: 43.67%
Inbound: 23.66%
Outbound: 10.20%
Inbound: 19.18%
Outbound: 35.10%
Inbound: 13.26%
Outbound: .82%


Across the country, United Van Lines found that 31.8% of Americans moved to be closer to family, while another 32.5% moved for either a new job or job transfers. Domestic migration patterns showed that Americans wanted to move away from cities due to the pandemic, a trend that had major impacts on suburban sprawl and housing availability, especially in suburbs outside of many of the largest cities.

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GET A FREE MOVING TIMELINE GUIDE Get your guide today and start developing your moving timeline.